Study Identified Summary of study Brief SRA description Manuscript title
Adams et al., 2021
Boshoff et al., 2020
Bueno-Sancho et al., 2017
Cantu et al., 2013
Corredor-Moreno et al., 2021
Dobon et al., 2016
Garnica et al., 2013
Hubbard et al., 2015
Radhakrishnan et al., 2019
Schwessinger et al., 2018
van Schalwyk et al., in press Unpublished
Ozketen et al., 2020
Cook et al., 2021

One or two genes

Gene set

Examples: PST130_00009 , PST130_05667

Multiple genes

If you want to compare more than two genes, you can add a list of genes separated by commas or one gene in each line.

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